Sippighat, Port Blair, South Andaman and Nicobar Islands - 744105, India

Chairman Message

It is with pleasure in addressing you. At every step we had the support and motivation provided by the confident parents, dedicated teachers and committed students.

It is my vision to provide the world with motivated, responsible and disciplined youth, to shape a better future. I believe this can be achieved by strengthening their foundation upon which they can create a successful future for themselves and the society around them.

I learnt one very simple yet very significant lesson. The need of the society is like an ocean and the service we render are mere drops. So I am now determined to add as many drops as I can and say to myself with contentment, I tried my best.

At IPS, we don’t believe in preaching, instead we allow our students to experience, explore and experiment through various experiences.

Along with the academic excellence and vast sports opportunities, we provide our students with an exposure to the realities of the world. We sculpt them into competitive, empathetic, optimistic individuals who strive to succeed in every challenge they are faced with.

We aim at ensuring that our comprehensive development programs provide students with an international learning experience, while preserving our core Indian values.